This screensaver has multilanguage support. So, if you want, you can translate it into your native language (for now, I dont know how the non latin letters is supported). The whole work is not longer than 30 minutes.

If you want to translate, you may:

  1. Download the english language file, which is a simple text file, with lng extension (when you download it, it is zipped - unzip it). Open it with any text editor (eg Notepad).
  2. In the content of this file, identify the following style strings: Label1=Speed of first turtle:
  3. Dont touch the left side of this strings, but translate the right side, in all lines (in this case leave untranslated the Label1 and translate the Speed of first turtle:).
  4. Save the file with the your language name (eg French), but leave the lng extension. Important: leave the translated file with UTF-8 encoding.
  5. To test it, copy the translated file into the C:\Program Files\TurtleSaver\Language (typical) folder. When you open the screensavers settings, your language should appear in the languages list. You can use it.
  6. Dont forget to send me a copy of the translated file, to can include in the next version. If you agree, I will include your name into this new version.

Thank you!